Friday, July 19, 2024

Palmer’s College Musical Showcase

THERE’s a wealth of talent coming out of the B-Tec classes at Palmer’s College in Grays.

The Mayor of Thurrock, John Everrett was on hand to witness a wonderful performance that would not of been out of place on any stage.

Their teachers will know the difference between the first years and the second years. We couldn’t: we just saw the enthusiasm and dynamism of the performers.

It’s not a ‘unique selling point’ for the College because plainly it has many.

What impresses us is the clear pride the students have in their college. From the moment you’re greeted at the door by the students to the air of proferssionalism and study that pervades the corridors, it’s clearly a focussed and positive college.

…and there are another four parts to go in the showcase. We did say we didn’t have the heart to edit anyone out!

We were going to edit the show down to ten minutes but that would have been unfair to the students. You never know who is looking in and might say: “That’s the singer for us!”


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