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Classic Hair: Care For Hair

CELEBRITY hairdresser Trevor Sorbie aims to train at least 400 hairdressers on his ‘My New Hair’ programme over the next 2 years, with the aim of giving psychological medicine for a person experiencing hair loss.

Debbie Eagles of The Classic Hair Company on Montreal Road, Tilbury recently received direction on working and fitting wigs for clients.

She also took part in a communications workshop lead by cancer nurses who are experienced in helping people improve their communication skills particularly when dealing with sensitive and difficult situations.

Debbie said: “We are privileged and honoured to be associated with the ‘My New Hair’ project and we welcome the opportunity to make a positive difference during a sensitive time.

“Any client can expect a respectful, compassionate and professional consultation, tailored to their individual needs.”

The salon requires any unwanted wigs for staff training and will exchange these for a £5 hair voucher or £5 donation to St Luke’s Hospice.

For appointments, advice, or wig donation, please contact the salon 01375 842568 or email

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