Friday, May 24, 2024

Thurrock Students Love to Read

The annual Carnegie Book awards are with us again and if you have no idea what that’s about then basically librarians select a group of books and ask students to read ,assess and then vote on their favourite. They all then get together at the Thameside where further discussion takes place and finally a winner is chosen.

As a parent it’s encouraging to see the youngsters tackle some topical and modern literature. in my day it was Malcome Saville but he steered clear away from drug and knife crime .

The students approach the Thameside stage with a maturity that their teachers should be proud of .

So this summer the beach reading material should be The Knife of Letting go by Patrick Ness.

As a footnote this award ceremony has been running for eight years now and yesterday was the first time that it recieved any media coverage.

yourthurrock strikes again


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