Council Boss Calls For Faster Improvement

Thurrock Council Chief Executive Bob Coomber gave a rallying cry to the borough as he presented the achievements of the Council since the 100 Day Challenge in April.

Following the damning Audit Commission Direction of Travel Report which placed Thurrock Council in the bottom six in the country, the Council set itself a 100 Day Challenge to set the Council in the right direction.

Earlier in the day he had presided over a conference of middle and senior managers at the Thameside Theatre.

Mr Coomber said: ” I have been in this position a few times. You usually feel around 60% of the staff are with you and are positive.

“But today I felt that every member of staff wanted to see this Council move forward.”

Much of the conversation revolved around the relationship with Vertex, the company that deals with admin, revenue services and ICT which Mr Coomber admitted had been one of “deep concern”.

He said: “We don’t manage it well but it is not totally dysfunctional.”

Mr Coomber asked the Council to step up the pace of proceedings.

The council is still searching for a new Chief Executive, Head of Children Services, Head of Legal Services and Head of Corporate Finance.

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