Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Will Opera House Ever Be Completed?

THERE is never a wasted question from Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay on the floor of the House of Commons. They are all direct and purposeful and like a terrier he is dogged and won’t let go.

Iraq is a case in point and so is the case of the Royal Opera House Technical Facility in Purfleet.

Mr Mackinlay has demanded that the government to come up with the funding for the National Skills Academy which is an integral part of the new Royal Opera House facilities in West Thurrock.

Following up last week’s question to the Education Minister Kevin Brennan, Andrew Mackinlay asked Barbara Follet the (Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Regional Affairs):

“I want to ask the Minister what the news is following my intervention last Thursday with the education and skills people about the co-location of the Royal Opera House and National Skills Academy for Creative and Cultural Skills project in Thurrock.

She will have noticed that I accused the Government of not being involved in joined-up government and of being confused and dysfunctional. To ask a pithy question: can we have the money to get this site under way this summer—yes or no?”

In reply Ms Follet said: “To give a pithy answer, I am doing my utmost to get my hon. Friend the money. I am nagging, pushing and writing to the relevant Minister. I am doing everything I can to get the money, because I, too, have an interest in this”.

Speaking afterwards Mr Mackinlay said: – “This National Skills Academy is vitally important for the future of young people in Thurrock and I’ll not let Minister’s off the hook until they come up with the money to get it built”.

YourThurrock will be interviewing Andrew on saturday at the Thurrock Festival. Is his suspicions that with the recession, the facility is in doubt?


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