Sunday, December 10, 2023

Another Top Council Boss Set To Quit.

YourThurrock understands that Corporate Director for Resources, Andrew Hardingham is set to quit Thurrock Council.

Mr Hardingham is one of several high profile executives who have left the beleaguered council over the past year including two Chief Executives, a number of Corporate Directors and numerous senior and middle managers.

It is understood that Mr Hardingham, the man in charge of the purse-strings at the council, had several behind the scenes clashes with former Council Boss, Terry Hipsey but that relationships were much smoother with new leader, Garry Hague.

In March, the Council was branded one of the worst in the country by the Audit Commission but since the appointment of vastly experienced Bob Coomber as an Interim Chief Executive, council watchers have seen a dramatic improvements in the morale of the council.

A source close to Thurrock Council said: “Mr Coomber has a clear idea of the personnel he wants to see at the helm of Thurrock Council. With an exciting new appointment set to be made at the Head of Education, he is clearly set on appointing a dynamic new team to lead the Council out of trouble.”

It was revealed recently that ousted Chief Executive Angie Ridgwell received a £300,00 payout. Mr Hardingham’s anticipated pay-off is believed to be set in the region of £100,000.


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