Saturday, September 30, 2023

Susan Garner Arrested Over Fraud

The fallout following the death of controversial Chief Executive of Basildon Council for Voluntary Services, Mark Williams continues with the news that his former partner Susan Garner has been arrested for fraud..

Ms Garner, 55, Bown Close, Tilbury was arrested on monday night and held for questioning at Grays Police Station.

She was bailed until September

It is understood that the arrest follows suspected financial irregularities in the running of the Tilbury Community Resource Centre.

Mr Williams was found dead in his home in June.

The film below was made on June 30th 2009.


  1. I would like to add to this story as it is in need of some clarity.

    Ms Garner attended Tilbury Police Station voluntarily and was arrested and questioned because of information given and accusations made.

    The matter in question is being investigated but no formal charges have been made.

    The story does state suspected and the police are rightly investigating the accusations but this does not mean that there is any credence or truth in the accusation and judgement should be reserved as this is still the case.

    Whilst I am aware that reporting can be deemed in the public interest, once again the rumour machine has swung into action.

    The irregularities that have been reported have apparently a perfectly logical explanation, but once again fairness has been cast aside in favour of rumour, and the reporting has not given the time for the police to conclude thier investigation.

    I know first hand of the accusations, and of the circumstance of it’s origin but will not discuss this in open forum as firstly’ the police need to conclude that investigation, and secondly there is no irregularity.

    I hope that this acts to halt further unfounded speculation, and that the ghouls that have reacted previously to sully the name of my departed friend and his partner may hold fire till this is concluded when further clarity may be available.


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