Monday, December 4, 2023

Lucy’s Bake-athon of Loveliness!

By Lucy Chipperfield

It was the Little Havens ‘Do A Little Something Week’ last week. As the title suggests, the aim of the week was to get as many people doing a little something to raise lots of pennies for Little Havens; and as always YourThurrock decided to get involved!

After a considerable amount of brain-straining we concluded a cake sale would be best. After all, everyone loves a bit of cake. However, this would be like no other cake sale Thurrock has ever seen before. This would be a giant cake sale, with lots of sprinkles, plenty of sparkles and a dash of glitter! It would be called ‘YourThurrock’s Bake-athon of Loveliness!’, and it would be beautiful!

Over the past few days, we have been measuring, sifting, mixing and cooking to produce dozens of our finest Sprinkle and Sparkle Cupcakes. Once decorated with a dollop of icing and plenty of scrumptious jazziness they were ready to be fed to Thurrock, and they certainly didn’t last long!

But before I can reveal the grand total I have one request. Can I get a drumroll please?!

On behalf of YourThurrock, I would like to announce that in aid of the Little Havens ‘Do A Little Something Week’, ‘YourThurrock’s Bake-athon of Loveliness’ has raised a glittering £177!!

I would like to say thank you to everyone at the Aveley War Memorial, the Masonic Hall Fun Day, the Full of Life’s Intergenerational Day, and the Youth and Connexions Centre for supporting and donating money towards our Bake-athon. Also, a special thanks has to go to the VInvolved volunteers who helped sell the cakes. And not forgetting my lovely family, friends and neighbours, whose generous donations and kind words made this Bake-athon a real success!!

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