Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cops Get Tough at Lakeside

Criminals are being warned if they commit crime at Lakeside Shopping Centre, they could be banned for two years after a new zero tolerance policy was launched.

Police and Lakeside Shopping Centre have teamed up to send out this stark warning as they introduce a new banning policy that means they will be automatically banned if they commit criminal offences in the centre.

Anti-social offenders are also being dealt with robustly, with the implementation of the ‘red and yellow card’ system which will see Lakeside Shopping Centre management sending a letter to offenders with a warning not to commit the offence again. If they reoffend, they will automatically get a red card and be banned from the whole centre, rail footbridge and surrounding roads for two years.

Under the new command of Sgt Anna Brennan, there are a team of officers permanently attached to the centre, seven days a week. Sgt Brennan said: “If we find people continually breaking the bans or committing crime, we will work with our partners to get ASBOs and Acceptable Behaviour Agreements (ABAs), to make sure these people do not ruin the enjoyment of shoppers.”

Security manager Darren Smith said: “Lakeside Shopping Centre is a safe and enjoyable place to visit. By working closely with the police based at Lakeside, we can ensure it stays that way. We want criminals and those demonstrating anti-social behaviour to know they are not welcome here.”

Sgt Brennan added: “With our team of officers and the fantastic job the security team here do, crime is very low. However, we would ask shoppers to be mindful of opportunist thieves and not leave items on display in their cars. We will be running a number of operations on the lead up to Christmas to combat this.

“We also urge them to use the shop and drop service, during the month of December, instead of returning to their car to leave items in there whilst still shopping. If we take away their opportunities, thieves will not have a chance here.”


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