Sunday, December 10, 2023

Police To Get Tough Over Halloween and Fireworks

Police in Thurrock are working on a range of initiatives and operations to curb anti-social behaviour on Halloween and Fireworks Night.

The Thurrock message is much much harder than the one that has gone out in other parts of the county and illustrates that the police intend to be back up the new Chief Constable’s pledge to Thurrock to “step on the throat of criminality”

Officers have been visiting grocery shops to advise staff not to sell flour and eggs to youngsters. Shop staff have also been asked to put up posters explaining why the items will not be sold to children.

Schools officers and PCSOs have already visited local schools in the run up to the half-term break to tell pupils that trick-or-treating should be done safely and respectfully.

Officers across the district have also been visiting vulnerable people to supply them with ‘no trick or treaters’ posters so they do not feel pressured to answer the door.

Police have also been working closely with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service to educate local youngsters on the danger of fireworks and the possible crimes they can be arrested for if found breaking the law. Shop visits are also being carried out to check that fireworks are being stored safely.

Throughout the whole period, officers from the three policing areas, Grays, South Ockendon and Tilbury, will have a large number of officers out on foot and vehicle patrol.

Thurrock district commander, Chief Insp Paul Moor, said: “There are lots of factors for us to consider over this festive period, but our number one priority has to be to stop people causing a nuisance and damage to residents and their property.

“Fireworks Night and Halloween can be a fun time if people celebrate in a safe manner and consider the effect of their actions on others. We want children to be safe out on the streets, while at the same time remembering not everyone will want to celebrate. We urge all our Halloween and Bonfire revellers to be respectful to others.

“We will have a significant presence in the community over the course of Halloween and Fireworks Night and will deal with anyone behaving anti-socially or committing crime robustly.”

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