Saturday, September 23, 2023

Council Budget Cuts

THE FIRST steps in the budget process to cut over £8 million from the council’s budget were agreed at a meeting of the conservative council cabinet last night.

The process began last night, will pass through a variety of committees in November, come back to cabinet before being debated and voted on at a special full council meeting in December 8th.

The cuts are going to come in a variety of ways.

Over £864k of savings are planned by the axing of 19 members of staff. These may include:

2 managers costing:£130k

1 strategic service manager:£60k

1 development manager: £60k

4 middle managers on £200k each

2 education welfare staff:£90k

1 staff at Thurrock Learning Partnership support worker:£40k

6 staff at the Oaktree Centre at £200k

1 staff at Family Group Conference Centre:£24k

1 assistant educational psychologist: £70k per year

The “hidden extras” may also include staffs hours being cut, job sharing and natural wastage.

Further cuts will be announced over the next six weeks including an assessment of the contract with Vertex.


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