Stifford Primary: Progress Report: Part 1

THE SUCCESS of Stifford Primary has been a real boost for primary education in the borough. Management team, Mark Jones and Sarah John are keen to stress that this is all about team work across the school.

Head Mark Jones said: “This years KS1 and 2 SAT results were amongst the highest on record, more importantly their Comparative Value Added was over 100 for the first time.

“In KS1 maths we came 4th in the LA. Reading was also impressive, writing slightly less so. We came 10th for the 3 combined which is amazing.”

“KS2 results were: English 79% (Level 4), 24% (Level 5); Maths 77% Level 4, 31% Level 5 and Science 91% Level 4, 41% Level 5. All far exceeded targets originally set.”

As usaul Mark and Sarah were so enthusiastic that we didn’t have the heart to edit the piece. So here is the first part. With Part 2, to follow tomorrow.

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