MP Welcomes Cold Cash

Angela Smith MP has welcomed a tripling in this winter’s Cold Weather Payments for those in need. If the temperature hits zero degrees celsius for seven days in a row, payments of £25 a week will be made to those in need, to ensure they can keep their homes warm.

Angela said: “This payment has gone up from £8.50 to £25 under the Labour Government, which, on top of the £250 winter fuel payment to all pensioner households (£400 for the over-80s), shows a commitment to ensuring no-one freezes this winter.”

Cold Weather Payments are available to pensioners in receipt of the Pension Credit and some people on Jobseekers Allowance, for instance if they have a child aged under 5. Payments do not have to be claimed for, but are paid automatically.

Angela added: “Last year, different parts of South Essex had their temperatures calculated from different weather stations – one as far away as Manston in East Kent.

“Following my representations, the Minister responsible has confirmed that in future the calculations for the whole of South Essex will take place from the same weather station – Gravesend, which is much nearer and has similar temperatures to our side of the Thames.”

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