Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gritting in Thurrock Slammed

ELDERLY RESIDENTS of a street in Thurrock have described themselves as prisoners in their own homes due to the lack of gritting in their street.

Deveron Gardens in South Ockendon is populated by mainly sheltered housing for the elderly. Because of the weather, the streets have become a lethal cresta run of sheer ice.

Even in the short time that YourThurrock was there, a home help fell heavily while delivering to elderly residents while cars spun dangerously out of control.

Thurrock Council have defended their gritting record.

A spokesman said:

“Since the heavy snowfall on Thursday (17 December) evening, Thurrock Council’s road-gritting service has carried out 16 runs, covering over 4,250 miles and putting 630 tonnes of grit on the borough’s roads.

“In the event of freezing weather or snow, the council carries out gritting of all major “A roads” and roads used by buses in five gritting routes.

“These cover approximately 266 miles of highway and is aimed at keeping the borough moving allowing residents to get on with their daily lives with minimal impact.

“If weather conditions allow, “secondary routes” — including all schools, main shopping areas and medical venues — are covered.”


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