Friday, December 8, 2023

Aveley 1-1 AFC Hornchurch

It can’t have been the turkey but both these mid table contenders got off to a slow start . Aveley were the better side though and dominated the first half even though Hornchurch managed to hit the bar .

Grays fans would have recognized the familiar figure of the wonderful physio Dickie Harper who now ply’s his trade with Hornchurch. Jimmy McFarlane is in charge of Hornchurch now whilst Colin McBride tries to sort out the financial problems the club are having .

The deadlock in this game wasn’t broken until the 52nd minute when Dave Behcet failed to hold onto a weak free kick and the ball just tumbled out to advancing Martin Tuohy who simply slotted home.

Hornchurch turned up the wick a little but squandered chance after chance . Their plight was deepened when with ten minutes to go Andy Tomlinson received red for being the last man and fouling the advancing forward.

So Aveley 1-0 up against ten men at 94 minutes and 20 secs when they gave away a penalty . The Aveley bench were not happy. Lots of pointing at watches but to no avail. Penalty scored and three points just thrown away.

They fight it out again very soon


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