Damp Plagues Flat

THE COLD weather has brought out a host of problems for both private and council properties.

Lucy Back, Coronation Avenue, East Tilbury had noticed that her child’s asthma seemed to be getting worse over December. It was only when she looked behind the wardrobes that she saw damp had spread throughout her flat.

The room has become a no-go area. The children have to sleep in the front room leaving conditions cramped.

Lucy has been disappointed at the council’s response. She said: “Surveyors came round but they said it was just condensation and that i should leave the windows open. I said it is freezing outside. Do they want my children to catch hypothermia as well?”

A Thurrock Council spokesman said: “Council contractors called at the home twice before Christmas. The first time it was not possible to install a new radiator and on the second occasion the contractors could not gain access.

“They called again on New Year’s Eve and on Monday (4 January) before being able to install two new radiators on Tuesday (5 January).

“Further work needs to be done on a bedroom wall and lounge window and these have been ordered.”

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