Saturday, June 22, 2024

Aim High at Hassenbrooks

aimhighThe Aimhigher team are in town and pupils at Hassenbrooks are certainly benefitting from the wise words of presenters like Paul Payne. Born in Peckham, South London ,Paul was one step a way from becoming a part of a culture that would have ruined his life when he actually took the advice of a mentor and took some responsibility and interest in his education. Now he tours the country telling kids what they can expect in higher education and it’s a programme all schools should embrace

Higher education can open up new career options and help you find your dream job. What’s more, you’ll immerse yourself in a subject you love, having new experiences and meeting new people. The Aimhigher programme is there to help make more people aware of what higher education is all about.

Aimhigher is about making everyone aware of the benefits higher education can bring, whatever their background.
With a huge range of courses available, the chances are you’ll find one that interests you. And it may give you a completely new perspective on where you want to go in life.


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