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UKIP: Ready For Action

THURROCK UKIP has slammed Thurrock Council for betraying its own council tenants. According to UKIP figures, Thurrock Council is making every Council Tenant pay an extra £16.40 a week in rent or £852.56 per annum.

Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Basildon South and East Thurrock, Kerry Smith claims that the £16.40 every Council Tenant has to pay weekly goes direct into the government’s Housing Revenue Account.

He said: “This scheme takes money from all local authorities and redistributes the money to other areas. The big winners out of the Housing Revenue Account are key Labour areas such as:

* Islington £58 million
* Hackney £48 million
* Sheffield £35 million
* Manchester £34 million
* Newham £28 million

“It is clear to anyone who has seen these figures that Labour are taxing tenants right across the country through higher rent to butter up tenants in areas Labour are under threat this May.

“Why on earth has the councillor in charge of Thurrock’s housing, Cllr. Ojetola, written the cheque for £8.8 million to the Government leaving the 10,000 Council Tenants of the Borough to pick up the tab? It is unforgivable.

“I and Clive Broad, who is the UKIP Thurrock parliamentary candidate, will be fighting this scam and we will back the council tenants of Thurrock.

“We will be launching a petition to the Prime Minister online to stop this tenant tax in Thurrock. If, UKIP captures enough seats in Thurrock Town this May, UKIP will stop all the money we pay into the Housing Revenue Account and back the tenants of Thurrock instead of the Tory policy of bolstering a dead Government under Gordon Brown.”

Portfolio Holder for Housing, Cllr Tunde Ojetola said: “Conservatives have consistently opposed this deeply unpopular system of council house finance as it transfers funds from efficient Conservative councils to councils not efficiently managed.

The information in the press release is naive as all Local Authorities are compelled to pay this ‘surplus’ to the Treasury instead of retaining it for local residents.

Under pressure and constant lobbying from local authorities, including Thurrock, the Government announced its intention to dismantle the current Housing Revenue Account subsidy system.

The Government review was announced in December 2008 and consultation was announced in June 2009 and ended last October. Thurrock responded to the review, supporting the prospect of retaining our subsidy. We are still awaiting the Government’s decision on this.”‘


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