Thursday, December 7, 2023

Alcohol Addiction Staff Made Redundant

THE REALITIES of the deep cuts to public services in Thurrock have been further underlined as vital staff at a front line service to tackle alcohol addiciton have been made redundant.

Staff at Oasis Centre on Orsett Road, Grays were given the news last week. Many staff will be working up until next month before they leave their posts.

The centre was opened in 2007 by the then Conservative Party Chairman Frances Maude.

Clients who depend greatly on the service have slammed the job losses.

Bernard (full name withheld) said: “This place has been a lifeline to me. They are putting the problems of alcoholism back out onto the streets.

“There is an epidemic out there in Thurrock. At a time when they need to increase help, they are taking it away.

Clients are setting up a petition and planning to hand it into the Portfolio Holder, Ben Maney.

The news comes after Thurrock Council granted nearby Graceland Store and Off Licence, in Clarence Road, permission to sell alcohol 24 hours a day.

Speaking to a reporter, Chairman of Grays Central Community Forum, Geoffrey Nathan, said: “The whole thing is a fiasco. The shop should only sell alcohol between 9am and 11pm like other off licences.”


  1. This is terrible news, alcohol abuse is on the increase in the borough especially amongs the younger generation, you only have to wander through the streets and parks to see this so why close down a much needed service, come on TBC get your priorities right.

    As for Gracelands store being able to sell alocohol 24/7 can somebody please tell me the reason why somebody would want to buy this in the early hours of the morning???

  2. apalling to think the licencing commitee can allow a 24 hour sale of alcohol within a town where alcohol is an increasing problem, what are they doing/thinking? I think a total ban on alcohol in public places throughout thurrock is not an extreme measue, as an ex publican im disgusted at the laws imposed on genuine licenced premises ie: public houses where some control takes place, yet a “shop” can have 24 hours with no responsibility whatsover!


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