Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fly-Tipping in Thurrock

SOMETIMES perception is everything. The perception is that, if this was Chafford Hundred and not Tilbury then it would cleaned up immediately.

It was infact a businesswoman who approached us at a recent seminar and expressed her horror at the amount of litter, as he walked from the Tilbury Fort to the Worlds End pub.

YourThurrock went down to the Fort Road to interview PPC, Carl Morris and gauge how he felt and what he felt should be done about the horrendous amount of litter being scattered around the borough.


  1. Flytipping in Thurrock has been going on for years and each sucessive council has failed to act upon these blots on the landscape, nice to see PPC Morris getting his soundbite in, however he must cast his mind back to when he was in office, he will find that nothing has changed, so for him to blame the current council is a little rich.

    I suppose as an election is imminent all the PPC’s in the borough will be out with their marker boards trying to point score again,

  2. Its easy to blame the council but lets also not forget the scum who drop the waste in the first place. How many people have been prosecuted for fly tipping and what penalty did they get.
    I say give them community service picking up all the waste in the borough and use people in jail to pick it up as well rather than sitting on their a*se doing nothing.

  3. To add to my last comment, there is rubbish been dumped in Tilbury which the council refuse to pick up as they cannot trace that they own the walkway where it has been dropped, it has been there for over 3 weeks.


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