Thursday, December 7, 2023

Carys Off to Spring Conference

Liberal Democrats in Thurrock are heading to the party’s national spring conference today, confident it will be a springboard to success in the coming General Election.

Carys Davis, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock will be attending. The Conference, the last before the General Election, will be held in Birmingham.

Carys said: “Discussions due to take place at Conference include many issues important to residents of Thurrock.

“Liberal Democrats have plans to ensure no one pays tax on the first £10,000 of income. I know in our area, thousands of people on low and middle incomes will benefit from this tax cut.

“I have spoken to many local residents and there is a strong view that we need more local police officers patrolling our streets. I was pleased to see that the Liberal Democrats have committed to ensuring 62 more police officers across Essex to help make our streets safer.

“This is the last Conference before the General Election and we are confident of doing well in Thurrock and nationally.

“So many voters are disillusioned with Labour, but remain to be convinced that the Tories are the party to help ordinary people through the recession.

“Within weeks, voters in Thurrock will get the chance to decide on who their new MP will be. This is the most exciting election for many years, and we’re looking forward to it!”


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