Saturday, June 22, 2024

Help William Edwards Kids Fly

Please help these students get free air travel to Washington by voting at and click vote for me

If They win they will

Be able to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference with 3 other students and one accompanying teacher. The Global Young Leaders Conference attracts students from all over the globe for a twelve day course, where they will have the chance to be involved in workshops and lectures with UN representatives and other influential leaders. The course enables students to debate and discuss some of the greatest issues our world is currently dealing with, as well as developing personal skills such as leadership and communication, both of which are vital in helping us prepare for the future.

We feel this opportunity will be a great chance for us to represent our community, and create links with other communities around the world. In addition, it will be a brilliant chance for us to take to a world stage, ideas and topics that your company deem to be important to the world, the country, the community and business as a whole.

Unfortunately, this high honour has a very high cost, and will cost close to £15,000. Being students from less financially privileged families than many of the other people chosen, we will struggle greatly to be able to afford this outright. This is why we have been trying to find ways to minimise the costs, including trying to gain funding from local businesses and organisations.

One big expense that we hope to minimise is that of flights and this would be a big help to us. Awarding us with these flights will reduce our financial struggle and mean that we can make this amazing oppurtunity reality.


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