Friday, December 8, 2023

Park Inn Thurrock Refurbishment

A MULTI-MILLION pound refurbishment is under way at the Park Inn Thurrock as part of the hotels quest to be the top hotel in the borough.

When General Manager Richard Groome took over two years, his plan was not to sit on any laurels but rather the reverse. It is no wonder that Richard made the final of Businessman of the Year at the Thurrock Business Awards recently and in many ways the refurbishment illustrates why.

One of the key aspects of the makeover is that all the old furniture is going to St Luke’s and the Thurrock Re-Users Project (TRUP).

YourThurrock donned its hard hat and boots to follow the Site Manager as she took stakeholders through the busy corridors. Indeed Richard couldn’t resist getting the sledgehammer out to gently assist with the demolition.


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