Monday, May 29, 2023

Industry Day at Chafford Hundred

COMPANIES from around the borough came to Chafford Hundred Campus last week as part of the school’s Industry Day.

It was clear that the businesses were most impressed with the most improved school in the country and seemed keen to learn how the school got it right.

Logistics Manager for Wincanton, Val Morris-Cook said: “I was deeply impressed with the student’s knowledge and application. Sometimes they don’t realise how much they know.

“It was clear to me why this school has improves so much.

YourThurrock Editor Michael Casey was also a guest speaker but had lost his voice (no surprise there) but decided to improvise:

He said: “The message to the students was that when you are self-employed you have no choice but to get up and fulfill your commitments

“The students helped out by filming an interview by themselves. We would like to thank Callum, Anna and Sade.”


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