Monday, December 4, 2023

Hipsey Slams Tories Over Derelict Buildings.

Stanford Le Hope (West) Councillor Terry Hipsey has received a written response from Thurrock Council regarding the public petition he raised calling on the council to use its compulsory purchase powers to lease two empty buildings in Stanford, thus returning them back for the communities use.

Councillor Hipsey said, “Obviously I am very disappointed, but not surprised to have received a response from the Leader of Thurrock council informing me of the usual bluff we now expect to hear from the political administration who is slowly destroying the hearts of communities in Thurrock.

The Audit Commission through their CAA report have cited the council for its lack of community cohesion. In Stanford Le Hope, we have two buildings, namely the former Rileys Snooker Hall and Barclays Bank Building that have both been empty for some time and falling into a state of disrepair. What a missed opportunity for the council and yet another snub for Stanford residents.

The council could have at the very least suggested setting up a sub committee to investigate viable options to use these buildings as a pilot exercise and to show our community groups or voluntary organisations including the Audit Commission that Thurrock Council wants to invest in its communities instead of continually hacking away at beneficial groups who are struggling.

The answer I received hasn’t deterred me, although whilst local elections are now taking place, once May the 6th has come and gone and whoever forms the next administration, I will be raising this issue again for the benefit of Stanford residents”.

YourThurrock interviewed cllr Hipsey a few months ago at the site of the derelict buildings.

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  1. More antics from a Tory council.  Given Labour’s failures it’s no wonder 44% now want a hung parliament.  This can be achieved by Lib Dems, Greens and UKIPers voting Labour in Thurrock to block a Tory Commons majority, but further up the Tory target list in Sth Basildon/E Thurrock voting Tory to block another Labour one.


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