Council Candidates Declared


All the candidates have been declared for the local elections on May 6th.

Over the next two weeks, yourthurrock will run its eye over each ward, the issues that may be relevant and assess some of the candidates that are standing.

At first glance it is significant that Cons, Lab and BNP are fielding a full slate of candidates with UKIP fielding a healthy eleven candidates. The Lib-Dems aren’t fighting any seats, perhaps concentrating their resources on Carys Davis and Geoff Williams parliamentary campaigns.

In many ways it is difficult to see where the changes may take place. Aveley to an Ind? Stanford East to Cons? Stifford Clays to Lab? Homesteads and Tilbury Riverside too close to call?

We welcome a healthy and civilised debate from our readers on the sixteen battles for election.

Aveley and Uplands

Tim Aker (UKIP)

Colin Churchman (Ind)

Wendy Herd (Cons)

Cliff Holloway (Lab)

Dave Strickson (BNP)


Wendy Curtis (Lab)

Ricky Strickson (BNP)

Emma Woods (Cons)

Chadwell St Mary

Derek Beackon (BNP)

Shane Hebb (Cons)

Barbara Rice (Lab)

Grays Riverside

Michael Abiodun (Ind)

Martin Healy (Lab)

Charles Key (Cons)

Luke North (BNP)

Grays Thurrock

Tom Davis (BNP)

Raj Mistry (UKIP)

Michael Stone (Lab)

Chris Scalise (Cons)

Little Thurrock Blackshots

Alan Broad (UKIP)

Ben Maney (Cons)

Tracy North (BNP)

Mick Rankin (Lab)

Little Thurrock Rectory

Rob Gledhill (Cons)

Aaron Mohammed (Lab)

Peter Prendegast (UKIP)

Donna Strickson (BNP)


Lynn Carr (Cons)

Mark Gorman (BNP)

Thomas Kelleher (UKIP)

Tony Lane (Lab)


Richard Speight (Lab)

Mark Onion (BNP)

Mike Revell (Cons)

Marie Andrews (UKIP)

South Chafford

Tunde Ojetola (Cons)

Olukayode Olukoga (Lab)

Mickey White (BNP)

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Phil Anderson (Cons)

Phil Smith (Lab)

David Godfrey (UKIP)

Peter Fox (BNP)

Stifford Clays

Clive Broad (UKIP)

Angie Gaywood (Lab)

Tom Kelly (Cons)

Karne McGinn (BNP)

The Homesteads

Tony Benson (Lab)

Kay Hipsey (UKIP)

James Halden (Cons)

Paul Woodley (BNP)

Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Keith Hatcher (Ind)

Bukky Okunade (Lab)

Ian Heffron (Ind)

Georgette Polley (Cons)

Anthony McGinn (BNP)

Tilbury St Chads

Ben Gadsby (Cons)

Steve Liddiard (Lab)

Jay Slaven (BNP)

West Thurrock and South Stifford

Gareth Davies (Cons)

Warren Parish (BNP)

Andy Smith (Lab)

Kay Ravenhill (UKIP)

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