Hilary Benn Backs Carl and Angela

SECRETARY of State for Environment, Hilary Benn clearly loved the Tilbury Ferry. He could visit the Kent candidates then hop on the ferry and visit the Essex candidates.

With eight Labour heavyweights having visited Thurrock already, it is clear that the seat that needs to defend a 6.5% swing is clearly a vital seat for Labour.

With the UK (according to the OECD) now seeing one of the most robust returns to growth Mr Benn’s message was clear, that it is vital to keep the economy on track by withdrawing millions from the economy now.

As said yesterday, Tory candidate, Jackie Doyle-Price, she believes Labour will bankrupt the country if they return to power and that Labour savings are not credible.

Accompanied by Tilbury councillor Bukky Okunade, we spoke to Mr Benn to assess how he felt the local and the national campaigns are going.

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