Local Lib-Dems Add Backing To Manifesto

Commenting on the Liberal Democrats 2010 manifesto, published today, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Carys Davis said:

“I’m delighted that the Liberal Democrats have published the only manifesto of all the main parties which details how we will pay for each and very promise we’ve made. Instead of rhetoric and razzmatazz, we’ve included details of our tax, spending and savings plans. It might sound boring but it’s the realism this country needs and what voters deserve to know.

“I’m proud that these are promises which reflect why I joined the party some years ago. That reason was fairness, the desire to build a more just society for ordinary people.

“I’m excited that our tax proposals will put hundreds of pounds back in the pockets of those on low and middle incomes, paid for by the very rich contributing their fair share.

“Children deserve a better start in life and we have set aside £2.5bn for schools to ensure that all children, no matter what their background, how much money their parents have or where they go to school, get a fair go in the education system

“We’ll break up the banks and put and end to big bonuses. Gordon Brown has today admitted he wasn’t tough enough when he was Chancellor. But he’s not offering any proof he’ll stop it happening again.

“We’ll support all of our plans with big changes to politics. We’ll introduce a fairer voting system so each vote counts for more. And we’ll give people the right to sack their MP

“Labour’s manifesto offers no hope that things will change and that promises won’t continue to be broken, with inequality continuing to rise and further assaults on our civil liberties.

“The Conservative pledges, like raising the income tax threshold, show the truth about where their priorities lie, and that’s with the wealthy. I am personally appalled that in a time of economic crisis, when families are struggling, they are blatantly giving tax breaks to their chums. Looking beyond the soundbites at the actual policy, I’ve no doubt the Tories haven’t changed at all.

Basildon South and East Thurrock candidate, Geoff Williams said:

“The manifesto launched today contains measures that will benefit families across Basildon and Thurrock. Whether it’s the tax proposals that will put real money back into the pockets and purses of those on middle to low incomes whilst ensuring that the very rich pay their fair share, or our educational proposals which will give a fair chance to children, whatever their background.

“I believe people will welcome the proposal to break up the mega-banks and to put an end to the big bonus culture, as well as the opportunities offered to improve our democracy: a fairer voting system and the right of the electorate to sack their M.P.

“And as someone who is committed, locally, to environmental issues in South Essex I particularly welcome the green spine that runs through the manifesto. We’re the only party that has the stomach for the fight :
·         A carbon-neutral Britain by 2050 – 40% of energy from clean, non-carbon emitting sources by 2020, 100% by 2050
·         10 year program of insulation, offering a home energy improvement package of up to £10,000 per home.

“My own priorities will include trying to balance the need for housing against employment ensuring that future generations can enjoy the real opportunities offered by this unique area, from Bulphan Fen through our acres of wildlife reserve and country park to the ecologically rich marshlands that border the Thames.”

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