Monday, May 27, 2024

Ward By Ward: Chadwell

Chadwell St Mary


Derek Beackon (BNP)

Shane Hebb (Cons)

Barbara Rice (Lab)


Like Belhus, this should be plain sailing for the Labour Party. In 2008, former Mayor Gerard Rice was returned to the council and in 2010, it looks like his wife Barbara will become a councillor as well.

Some critics may say that it is all becoming a bit cosy in the Labour ranks as there could be Charles and Wendy Curtis, Sue Gray and her partner Tony Lane, Barbara and Gerard, John and Cathy Kent but that may highlight another problem that the Labour group have in nurturing and developing young members.

The ace card for Labour should be Chadwell St Mary primary school and the plans the Tory run council had to close it. It was one of the many PR disasters for the Tories in the last two years and many parents still feel strongly about it.

This will be Shane Hebb’s first time out for the Tories and is one of the growing number of young guns that the team have nurtured and developed. Their enthusiasm and zeal have really brought a great deal of colour and excitement to the campaign both locally and nationally.

Both parties have been hitting the doors here in Chadwell, so it will be interesting to see how that converts.

His challenge will be to get over 500 votes or indeed, take hold of second place which the Tories have failed to do for over six years.

Prediction: Lab Hold


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