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Ward By Ward: Grays Thurrock

Grays Thurrock

Tom Davis (BNP)
Raj Mistry (UKIP)
Michael Stone (Lab)
Chris Scalise (Cons)

FOR some reason the Labour candidates over the past three years have won by a landslide. In 2008, Yash Gupta gained 456 votes more than the candidate who came second. Things were a lot closer in 2004 and 2006. It is easy enough to say Labour heartland but it has to be said that Labour have worked hard in the ward.

The outgoing candidate, Peter Harris, was the quintessential, quiet but effective councillor who could be seen around his ward. The same applied to Yash Gupta and the same applies to their candidate, Mike Stone, who has been the bedrock (sorry) of the community for many years.

Mike has run the Orchards Community Forum for years that continues to thrive and gain a healthy attendance in the ward. He has been keen fan of Grays Athletic and seen on the terraces for many years.

When the Sensory Garden in the park was vandalised, we could see how upset he was and when campaigning re the housing on Grove Road, again, he was very precise and reasonable in his arguments.

Another young Tory is also standing and will gain valuable experience on the doorsteps of the ward. The same can be said of Raj Mistry for UKIP whose very presence illustrates how far the team have come since the last local elections of 2008.

Prediction: Lab Hold


  1. Hmmm, I live in the ward and don’t even know who Mike Stone is, I must have been out when he has come round the ward then???

  2. Lambo
    You have a short memory,You posted this re Mr Stone who you dont even know!!!
    1. Lambo says:
    March 10, 2010 at 2:27 pm
    Mr Stone and the Orchards Community Forum are correct, there is no space left in this part of Grays for housing, it seems that nay peice of land in going to become bricks and mortar, just how many buildings do they think they can squeeze into these small areas, just look at Chafford Hundred, apologies to those who live there, this area is over populated and every bit of land was developed.
    We keep hearing about the development of housing around Thurrock but the health and education infrastructure in the area cannot cope with a more dense populus, our neaest Hospital is 15miles away in basildon since the closure of Orsett as a full hospital, our schoos are already oversubscribed.
    Something needs to be done to stop the growth of housing in the area

  3. How dare UKIP bang on about immigration??? remind us who your candidate for this ward is again???


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