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Ward By Ward: South Chafford

South Chafford

Tunde Ojetola (Cons)
Olukayode Olukoga (Lab)
Mickey White (BNP)

You don’t have to be the greatest political pundit in the world (That’s lucky-Ed) to assert that Tunde is going to retain his seat here.

Tunde’s merits have already been well documented.

Tunde is the quintessential “good man” and if there is someone who embodies the spirit of 21st century Thurrock then it is Tunde. Whether it is his portfolio of housing or the many issues that abound in his ward, you can be sure that, come rain or shine, Tunde will be there.

Personable, hard working, erudite and enthusiastic. He is everything that a councillor should be. While many of his right wing colleagues give the impression that they became councillors “in order to sack people” Tunde looks like he got into politics to serve people.

Sometimes you wonder if there is a danger that by trying to stand in the middle on many issues that there is a danger that you get run over but that is a minor point although there looms a number of challenges in his portfolio of housing that may test Tunde’s abilities should the Tories retain power.

Prediction: Con Hold

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