Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hammers Back To Winning Ways

The Hammers took their first steps towards recovering from a horrible week results wise by turning the tables on Belle Vue mid way through this encounter.

The home side were missing Krzysztof Kasprzak, who was back in his native Poland and replaced by Davey Watt. Belle Vue had similar issues with Patrick Hougaard absent and popular Leigh Lanham missing out on plying his trade once again at a track he served so well not so long ago.

The Aces were four points up on the Hammers after five heats before a short rain shower came and changed the course of the match. Although this had no lasting effect on the circuit itself, it coincided with the Hammer overturning the deficit with the first coming after Peter Karlsson took a tumble whilst chasing Davey Watt.

PK’s misfortune allowed the Hammers to produce a 4-2 and they sustained that momentum with a 4-2 in the next race, the previously unbeaten James Wright taking a fall as Paul Hurry chased down and passed Tobias Kroner.

The series of heat advantages was complete in heat eight with another 5-1 through Stuart Robson and the inspired Daniel Davidsson, ensuring the Hammers entered the second half of the meeting six points to the good.

The older Davidsson brother was superb all evening, dropping just a single point and ensuring that the Hammers had enough firepower in reserve to compensate for the lack of points form brother Jonas, who endured machine troubles all evening.

With the Hammers ten points up going into heat eleven, Aces team boss Chris Morton banked on the powerful partnership of Karlsson and Hans Andersen to narrow the deficit, nominating Andersen for a tactical ride. They hadn’t banked on Adam Shields. though, who rocketed from the start and kept both Aces at bay.

Hammers’ Aussie skipper did likewise in the thirteenth race. With Karlsson this time nominated for double points as the Aces slipped twelve points down, Shields rounded both the Swede and race partner Andersen and again thwarted what was their last realistic effort to haul themselves back into the match.

Daniel replaced Jonas in a swap of the Davidsson brothers in heat fourteen, trapping magnificently to another race win and completing a paid seventeen points haul in the process. It was a deserved finish to a very determined night’s work and one that helps his side start the month of May ready to face fresh challenges in the race for the Elite League.


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