Sunday, December 10, 2023

Rape Crisis Quiz Candidates

SOUTH Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (Sericc) invited all the candidates from the local and national campaigns to answer three questions relating to:

1. Provision of rape crisis services.

2. Support for rape crisis services is a right.

3. Use of lobbying.

South Basildon candidate Angela Smith (Lab) and Thurrock candidate Carys Davis (Lib-Dem) agreed to attend in person at the centre and be interviewed on film.

From the General Election candidates: In Thurrock, Carl Morris (Lab) and Jackie Doyle-Price (Cons) sent written replies. There was no response from Emma Colgate (BNP), Clive Broad (UKIP).

They were unable to locate an address for Ariola Araba from The Christian Party.

In South Basildon and East Thurrock: Stephen Metcalfe (Cons), Kerry Smith (UKIP) and Chris Roberts (BNP) did not respond. Geoff Williams (Lib-Dem) sent an acknowledgment.

The questions were sent out before X None of the Above was declared as a candidate.

Of the local candidates the following candidates sent an acknowledgment or response.

Martin Healy, Steve Liddiard, Tony Lane, Andy Smith, Aaron Mohammed, Mick Rankin, Angie Gaywood, Cliff Holloway, Barbara Rice.

Conservative: Phil Anderson, Wendy Herd, Georgette Polley, Gareth Davies

UKIP: Kay Hipsey

BNP: David Godfrey


  1. I wish to state that I fully responded to this survey and would ask that SERICC check their information and put the record straight.

    I fully agree with their work and have in the past worked tirelessly for Child Protection.

  2. SERICC can confirm that Ian Heffron was the first person to respond to the questionnaire. It would appear that ‘Your Thurrock’ has omitted the ‘Independents’ heading as both of the Thurrock Independents responded. SERICC will contact ‘Your Thurrock’ to ensure that this is amended immediately.


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