Friday, April 12, 2024

Interview: New Thurrock Council Leader: John Kent

THE PHONE hasn’t stopped ringing for new Thurrock Council leader, John Kent, since he took power on wednesday evening.

Of course these are extraordinary circumstances. Trying to explain it to other news organisations outside the borough has been a challenge.

But yesterday was John’s first day. Many believed he would not try to gain power and would wait for the Tories to totally implode. However it seems that he realised that given a straight choice between him and Garry Hague, he would win the vote.

At the end of a long day we interviewed John on the past, present and future of Thurrock Council under Labour.

A detailed assessment of Labour’s chances will appear on sunday.

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  1. Seems to talk a good game but the proof will be in the pudding, so from his statement deals were done in the background which is probably why Cheale and co got their position, Thurrock Council is a shambles and I cannot see this getting any better under the new regime, there are too many councillors that are only out to point score against each other, the sooner that the unitary council is disbanded the better, for sevearl yaers they have proved that they cannot run the borough on their own.

    Seems very apt that Mr Kent uses the analogy of Thurrock being a Premiership Football Team, Portsmouth springs to mind……….

  2. Talk is cheap. Doing what Cllr Kent suggests in the way of ‘improvements’ etc, is not, however.
    And Labour hardly have a track record of cutting waste and bureaucracy in order to fund front line services.
    Lambo has a point on the unitary status issue here. The chances of Cllr Kent picking up the phone for a chat with Peter Martin or Jo Killian however are pretty negligible one suspects.


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