Thursday, December 7, 2023

The I-Pad: Revolutionising Local News

The first I-Pads in the UK will be on sale at the Apple Store in Lakeside this friday at 9am.

Our very good friend and web-designer, Matt Harris (Pixelwork) has just returned from San Francisco (The Alcatraz Triathlon). Whilst there, Matt,40, snapped up an I-Pad. They are going, like technological hot-cakes over in California and indeed around the USA. They arrive in the UK on May 28th.

We popped in to Pixelwork Towers to have a look at the latest piece of media majesty from Apple. A big I-Phone or a small MacBook. You decide.

For our purposes, it is the way of the future for newspapers. It would be no surprise that in the future people will recall how something called the local paper used to be delivered by a person with their mum’s shopping trolley on a thursday afternoon.

For us it is the perfect platform from which to deliver the news. The aesthetic feels right. As long as you don’t forget that for all the sharpness in technology you must compliment it with delivering the news with an edge.


  1. We have had them at work for the past month (USA imports) got to say not that impressed to be honest, very overhyped for a tablet PC, each to their own I suppose.

  2. Limitations of Ipad are:

    No VoIP
    No Multi-Tasking
    No Camera
    No USB ports
    No Flash Compatability
    Unprotected Screen
    Low Storage Limit


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