Monday, February 26, 2024

Senior Councillors Slam Planning “Whitewash”

THE Thurrock Council Standards Committee was slammed as “nothing but a talking shop” as senior councillors from both sides demanded that “councillors with unstated agendas” should be named and shamed.

Their comments came as they discussed the controversial Collison Report which looked at the workings of Thurrock Council’s Planning Committee.

Senior Tory, Councillor Mike Revell believed that all 49 councillors were being tarred with the same brush unless the individual councillors were named.

Portfolio Holder, cllr Yash Gupta MBE told the committee that the report left him “devastated and ashamed”

As officers explained the complicated process, should someone make an individual complaint against individual councillors, cllr Revell slammed the process as a “Whitewash” and “Red tape over a ticking bomb”.

Full report to follow.


  1. I agree with Cllr Revell, TBC should now name and shame those officers involved and then they should be removed from any office that they hold…


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