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Thurrock: One Of The Filthiest Towns in England

A MAJOR Trade Union has slammed Thurrock Council for the filth on it’s streets after a survey showed that the borough is one of the dirtiest areas in England.

The survey from the Audit Commission puts Thurrock “top” of the drops in East of England as 23% of all streets were deemed below an acceptable level for litter.

The statistics aren’t pretty, with Thurrock also having the dubious distinction of having the ninth worst in the country.

It took action from MP Andrew Mackinlay to get the A13 cleaned recently as it became the freeway of filth and the issue became the reason that new Labour Deputy Leader, Val Morris-Cook decided to create a Portfolio of Pride in Thurrock.

Other areas have put Thurrock to shame: Southend only has 2%, Maldon has 0%, Harlow has 1% and neighbours Basildon 5%.

Paul Hayes, GMB Regional Secretary said “There is an alarmingly high and dangerous level of dirty streets and pavements in far too many places.

“On average the 12% of streets that are officially classified as unacceptable is bad enough but there are 17 councils in
this region that have a higher proportion than that which is totally unacceptable.

“Local communities deserve clean and healthy environments. GMB know that clean streets are perfectly feasible everywhere, it’s just a matter of ensuring there are enough properly trained and equipped street cleaners employed to do the job.

“Councillors should be clear that for street cleaning, as for other public services, you get what you pay for. The next thing that failed politicians may come out with is that people, as well as paying their council tax, should clean the streets themselves.”


  1. I can’t say that I am suprised that Thurrock is one of the filthiest towns in England! you only need to take a look at the sort of people that have moved here recently as well as the general Thurrock scumbags!

    I live in Thurrock and will readiliy admit that the whole area has gone downhill. nobody has any sense of pride for the area anymore and its not just the youngsters. saying that though most of the teenagers now have families of their own and pass down the habits of lets leave all our rubbish here – somebody else will pick that up!! thats the sort of mentality we have now!

    anybody caught dropping litter or throwing it from their car windows shoiuld be fined!!

    its not just the litter that is filthy, at least once a week I look out of my window and see lowlife blokes urinating up the wall of the local shop – the worst thing is some of these people actually live in the local vacinity and dont seem to understand that here in Britain we use toilets to urinate not the street!!!

  2. Dirty correct, but the A13 & A1089 were not TBC’s roads to clean, that job goes down to Area 5 contractors who get shed loads of government money £6.5 billion index linked for over 30 years, to maintain and cleanse the Trunk roads which includes the M25. The HA have overall responsibility.

    The policy this company uses is one of reactive maintenance, which in reality means nothing ever gets done, of which litter picking is one of those practices.

    The A13 and A1089 do not have hard shoulders and need TM to implement any kind of maintenance, TM costs money in a world where the motto is LESS is MORE.

    In the future I assume it will only take interference from MP’s to make

  3. Thanks for that technical information Mr or Ms Confused – sorry don’t know what TM means.
    I think there are many issues going on here and at various times Thurrock Council has tried to address them – there was a keep Thurrock Tidy Campaign about 20 years ago, and about 15 years ago hundreds of litter bins appeared all sponsored by local companies. Since then, the number of takeaway restaurants has doubled, the bins have, in the main, disappeared, and charging for commercial waste disposal has lead to a plague of flytipping by criminal types. But by far the greatest factor is attitude of residents. It seems that nobody minds living in a pigsty and dropping litter wherever it suits has become normal – just another symptom of low civic pride, environmental ignorance and disgraceful lack of parenting skills endemic in Thurrock. As a start – please can Thurrock Council return all the litter bins we used to have then lets have a few people proscecuted for littering and fly tipping – a littering hotline might be an idea. Surely there is some technology to catch the repeat offenders who have completely despoiled the Tilbury Marsh Road. With so much CCTV coverage in the gazette maybe Your Thurrock could show a regular Gallery of Shame of people flytipping. Any other ideas?


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