Monday, April 15, 2024

Game Students Excel at Palmer’s

Second year A-Level Applied ICT students at Palmer’s College attended an awards presentation to celebrate their success.

The students completed a games programming unit as part of their course, which involved the students creating a prototype game and front end system in the style of a classic 1980’s coin operated arcade machine.  The games were written so they would work on a PC, a custom built arcade machine and the Xbox 360.  The students were then asked to vote on the achievement, graphics and programming skills of their peers.  The highest scoring students were then presented with £20 Lakeside vouchers, donated by their ICT teacher, Eric Barwell.

Prizes were also given to students nominated by their teacher for achievement, motivation and potential.

ICT teacher at Palmer’s College, Eric Barwell said: “It’s great to see how far the students have pushed themselves during the year.  They have had a lot of fun, worked hard, learnt a lot and hopefully developed an appreciation of the work required by programmers, artists and designers in order to deliver the games they play”.

Many of the students will be using the skills they have demonstrated when they go on to university to study Games Programming and Design.


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