Monday, May 27, 2024

Big Mac Falls To Fury

HORNDON Heavyweight John McDermott was stopped in the ninth round in the English Heavyweight Championship.

Fury, a stone heavier than last time started the stronger jabbing at McDermott and piling on the pressure but the question was about Fury’s staying power.

In the second round Mac’s jab started to work and Fury looked like a worried man but he came back with a series of heavy blows.

6ft 8in Fury looked comfortable in the close up exchanges as he jabbed well in the third.

McDermott looked ponderous in the fourth as Fury looked like the man with the plan.

Mac started to walk into punches by the fifth and looked beaten but Fury’s stamina looked questionable as if the stone gain in weight seem to sap him.

Fury was now cut and looked like a man with no instinct whatsoever as he stared more at his corner than he did at John McDermott.

It now became a war of attrition until suddenly Mac went down in the eighth as it seemed he had run out of steam. He went down again in the ninth and on the second occasion, the referee Dave Paris stopped the fight.


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