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Recycle Properly And Save Money

Thurrock’s top councillor for recycling, Yash Gupta, is calling on residents to take more care about what they put out in their blue wheelie bins.

Cllr Gupta said: “We have a serious problem with contamination in the blue bin.

“Unfortunately, some residents are using the bins for black bags and food waste and this causes problems for those dealing with and it costs the council, and therefore the council tax payer money.”

He said: “The council has to pay the contractor to remove and dispose of this contamination. If things continue as they are, we and the residents of Thurrock will be facing a bill in the region of £200,000 for this year alone – well over £1 for every man, woman and child living in the borough.

“This is also money that will have to be taken from other important services such as street cleaning or parks,” he added.

Cllr Gupta also explained that having to delve through black-bag and kitchen waste “is not pleasant for the people that have to hand sort the material when it is tipped onto the conveyor belt at the recycling plant”.

Residents are being asked to check which items can be placed in the blue bin and also remember to put all items into the large blue bins loose and not in bags.

In future, bins containing contamination will not be collected until the resident removes the offending material.

Details of what can or cannot be placed in the bins and the borough’s two recycling centres is available at www.thurrock.gov.uk/waste


  1. Whilst I agree in part with recycling I would liek to know who is making all the money from it all?

    The stuff that is recycled is then placed back into the public domain and the costs are the same as if the item was not recycled so someone is creaming off the top from this.

    Also now we have three bins to be collected this means three times the bin lorries have to visit the street with is an increase in their overall carbon footprint as well as the ewar and tear of the vehicles and the road surface.

    The recycle centres I assume are powered buildings and use powered equipment to either do or assist the sorting of the waste so this also increases the carbon emissions the the waste has to be collected and delivered which also means more carbon emissions.

    So all in all is Recycling realy helping the planet????


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