Friday, April 12, 2024

Ten Parks To Close..But Which Ten?

ONE of the complaints that the Tories have made regarding the budget proposals has been the lack of detail. At Cabinet on wednesday night, cllr Rob Gledhill (who was joined by fellow Tories Amanda Wilton, Barry Johnson and Tunde Ojetola) referred to the ten parks in the borough which are set to close. Cllr Gledhil’s question was “Which ten?”

Council leader John Kent wasn’t able to be specific. His defence being that they have had to outline £4 million worth of cuts in a matter of weeks.

To help, cllr Gledhill, here is a clip of a park in East Tilbury which was once full of kids playing and play equipment and now….isn’t.


  1. Is this all a bit cloak and daggers, TBC shut the park, the land is then vacant and not being used for the community then the builders come in and lo and behold more housing.

  2. got the news today – orsett is another park to be put on hold that was due to be installed over the past few weeks… this was funded by the playbuilder fund and should not be on hold as this cash was allocated over 2 years ago! however im sure some of the villagers will be please about the current situation :o(


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