Wednesday, April 17, 2024

T-Fest: Now For 2011…..

THIS is the last film from T-Fest that we will be putting up. Already, the organizing committee are beginning to think about T-Fest 2011. Naturally, with the severe budget cuts hitting the public sector it is by no means a given that there will be a T-Fest 2011.

Chair of Steering Committee Barry Johnson believes that every avenue must now be explored in order to bankroll the festival.

It was interesting that a couple of acts: Brother Beyond and Mr Quest with Klair were sponsored (by Redrow and Serric) respectively. That may well be a possible income strand.

We understand that Stavros Flatley cost around £4k so it may be a matter of finding an individual sponsor for each artiste.

There are many more obstacles for Barry and the team to surmount but with a blend of business acumen and event management, we feel confident that T-Fest 2011 can be realised.

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