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Grays Player To Sue His Old Club

GRAYS’ new signing Marvin Samuel will line up against his old club Harlow Town on Saturday and is also set to take on the club in the court room.

The Harlow Herald reports that Samuel was manager at Barrows Farm from December 2009 until March this year when he was sacked by co-owner Tommy Cunningham due to a series of poor results. He was on an 18-month contract arranged by former owner Carol Bothwell and is in dispute with the club over compensation.

Samuel told the paper: “I left Harlow under a cloud and I have started court proceedings against the club due to my contract. I had an 18 month contract that was agreed by Carol and I was assured she had had a meeting with Tommy and that would be honoured.

“Tommy was there five weeks and decided to get rid of me. I haven’t got a problem with that, that’s football. But my money hasn’t been paid up and I’m not going to walk away from that.”

Samuel added: “I took legal advice and was advised to start court proceedings. They have received a final letter that runs out this Monday. So as of Monday I will be taking them to court. I hope it doesn’t go to court, but I can’t see any other outcome.

“It’s not a great deal of money and won’t put the club in an uncomfortable position. But if you do a job you expect to get paid for it and that’s the bottom line.”

Grays Athletic play Harlow Town at 3pm at East Thurrock United’s ground at Rookery Hill, Corringham.

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