Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Battle Is Over: Horses and The Ham River

SOMETIMES you win and sometimes you lose. As we have said before. All across the borough, there is an “Erin Brokovich”, fighting for the rights of residents or fighting for a particular cause.

Shell Brand and the rest of the horse owners went to court to fight for the right for their horses to stay on the land and/or find more time to obtain a home. With no money and no legal aid (that’s another subject) they now are in the hands of the Bailiffs.

The cause, up on the land in South Ockendon was not just about the horses but also key issues to do with the redevelopment of the area and the key question is: What exactly is under the land?

Shell Brand should be proud of herself. She has learned a lot and gained much respect.

Oh and in case you don’t know who Erin Brokovich is: She was portrayed by Julia Roberts in a the movie. She was just an ordinary woman who started asking that question: “What exactly is under that land?”


  1. Michell, Did you really think that SORA did their best for you? How is this possible when the chairperson of SORA is a Thurrock councillor.
    I wish you luck with your horses and hope Cairn can be kept safe with you.

  2. SORA could do nothing for Michelle, because there were legalities involved and the Horse owners were breaking the law by being on that land! In all, they had plenty of time to find alternative accomodation! YOU REALLY DO NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT Peter! This had nothing to do with our Chairperson being a Councillor. SORA’s Constitution does not allow political views or manipulation of the Residents Association and well you know it Peter Perrin! Especially as you are Chairman of the Labour Party Group!!!!!
    I will not let SORA’S reputation be Marred by an old sadistic little Hitler like you Peter! Enough is enough, you can take your Politics and shove it where the sun don’t shine! I will be calling for your suspension from meetings of the Rsidents Association due to your disrespect shown within SORA and bringing SORA into disrepute, not to mention the defimation of character’s you have made against other members! South Ockendon Residents Association fights for it’s residents under the law of legality and not your dirty politics!
    Let me remind you that it was a conservative councillor that Shell originally approached and under the flag of legality was told that there was nothing they could do! It was in the hands of the Thames Gateway people who threw out the Horse Grazing fields from the Plan!
    If you are going to comment for the underdog Peter, get your facts right!
    As for the HGV Howard Tennans, they are also breaking the law and cannot be supported by SORA! SORA have an ongoing investigation through the Truck Watch Scheme and reported to the Councillors/Thurrock Council regarding Companies operating without planning permission. Are we to say oh don’t bother then because Peter Perrin says it’s ok to do that! Get a life Peter, seems the Army did’nt do you that good and possibly you did them no favours either!

    You got personal feelings about our Chairperson, then get over it! I cant believe you have turned on the very people that helped you through your problems!


    Chris Savill


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