Monday, May 27, 2024

Councillors One Message: Officers Another

AT A confusing and incoherent full council meeting last night, the Tory opposition were able to expose the fact the the Labour Portfolio Holders were saying one thing while their officers were saying another.

Chafford Hundred councillor Tunde Ojetola asked Portfolio Holder for Culture, Lyn Worrall whether there would be “any sackings at Chafford Hundred Library”

Councillor Worrall explained that there would not be “sackings” She said: “The council are working with staff to come to the best agreement possible.”

Councillor Ojetola informed Clr Worrall that he had spoken to officers and that he had asked officers that question and they had confirmed there would indeed be two “sackings” from the library.

Cllr Worrall replied that the council were doing all they can and “hoped that the Tories would continue to help in the quest for volunteers in the manner of The Big Society.”

There was further confusion when a question from Little Thurrock councillor Rob Gledhill asked for details of this years Key Stage 2 SATS results.

Portfolio Holder Diana Hale gave an overview of the results.

YourThurrock understands that cllr Gledhill asked the question as a week ago the council refused to reveal the results as they were the “property of the 42 primary schools”

The results illustrated that Thurrock primary school students lagged far behind the rest of the country.


  1. Now Starring At The Thameside Theatre In “A Comedy Of Errors”, the full cast of Thurrock Borough Council!!!!!!!!!

    This run of stories has been the best laugh I have had all week, it certainly is a farce.

    Drop the whole bunch of useless pillocks and start again, alternatively get rid of the Unitary Borough and put us back in with Essex County Council as over the past few years TBC have proves that they should not be allowed to play with their toys

  2. I am not sure that re-joining Essex would be any better. One of the complaints made against the TTGDC was that decision making was remote from Thurrock. If I remember rightly one of the biggest local complaints when we were part of the two tier system was that Essex CC used Thurrock as a dumping ground.
    Anyway, surely going back to two tier would just increase bureaucracy and costs…
    Best our councillors all stop with the petty backbiting and politics they are so wrapped up and start sorting themselves out.

  3. Oh Lambo, you live in ther most idealistic world if you believe that Essex can do any better than Thurrock!
    I find it interesting that those brilliant prganisers at Essex plan major road works on the A13 AND A127 at the same time. I have no special feelings for Southend but it would be nice to have one reasonable way of getting there!


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