Monday, March 20, 2023

London Eye Moves To Tilbury

A YORKSHIRE glass firm which has its roots in the reign of Queen Victoria has won a contract to take part in the £12.5m upgrade of the London Eye reports The Yorkshre Post.

Novaglaze Gardner & Newton (NGN), based in Huddersfield, will manufacture replacement glass for the Eye’s capsules.

The deal comes as the Eye is refurbished to mark its 10th birthday.

Merlin Entertainments Group, which operates the attraction, is improving the capsules over a three year programmes. Each of the 32 pods will be removed and floated down the Thames to Tilbury Docks before going by road to Worcester, where changes to heating and ventilation will make them more energy efficient.

Each capsule, which contains 40 glass panels, will be checked and NGN will replace the glass where necessary. The glass is bent both ways and laminated.

David Sharpe from Merlin, said: “The project is a huge testament to the talent and industry we have here in Britain, with the large majority of companies working with us being British businesses.”


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