Monday, March 20, 2023

Thurrock Police Praised Over ASB Policy

The work Essex Police have undertaken in tackling anti-social behaviour has been highlighted in a national report.

A study by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary said anti-social behaviour should be a key priority for police because of the effect it can have people’s everyday lives.

HMIC inspectors highlighted the work of Essex Police in dealing with ASB problems which, according to the report, were generally a low or moderate issue of concern to people living in the county.

In Essex this year there are 4,233 fewer victims of ASB than last year – a 10 per cent fall in reported incidents compared to the year before. In all five Essex Police areas there have been noticeable falls in the number of problems.

The Chief Constable of Essex, Jim Barker-McCardle, said: “I have personally insisted since I arrived in Essex that we respond actively to calls from the public when there is a concern about anti-social behaviour.

“This survey shows that as we do that, people are reassured and say that the situation has been resolved or improved. The police can’t solve all these issues alone and we value the involvement of key partners such as councils and others and particularly of local community groups.

“HMIC usefully highlights areas we can improve further and I’m very glad to report that we have already made great progress. I have to balance ASB work with other vital police work such as combating serious organised crime, but I promise people in Essex that we will keep on improving our work, with you, to reduce anti-social behaviour.”

Robert Chambers, chairman of Essex Police Authority, added: “Anti- social behaviour can have a serious impact on people’s lives and I am pleased that tackling this is one of the force’s top priorities. I am confident that Essex Police will do all it can to further improve the service that the people of Essex receive, continuing to keep our county a safe and pleasant place to live.”


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