Saturday, May 25, 2024

MP quizzes Vince Cable on student courses

Stephen Metcalfe spoke on the floor of the house on Tuesday to ask the Secretary of State, Vince Cable about student courses.

He said: “To ensure that students do not end up with increased amounts of debt from which they then do not reap the rewards, what support does the Secretary of State intend to give pupils to ensure that they choose the right courses, and that when a course does not necessarily suit, a mechanism is in place to prevent them from being kept on it for the purpose of funding the university rather than their own education?”

Vincent Cable (Secretary of State, Business, Innovation and Skills; Twickenham, Liberal Democrat)

“That is a good question about one of the imperfections of the system at the moment. Many young people go to universities completely unaware of the employment possibilities that arise from their university education, and one thing that we hope to ensure through the information systems that will develop is that people will know exactly the performance of the universities and departments that they intend to go to, and the employability that would result from that. I hope that that will avoid the kind of problems that my hon. Friend describes, which are currently very serious indeed.”


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