Inspirational night with Sharon McGovern

Sharon’s blog reflects on a very successful night at Corringham library

“On arriving at Corringham library on 6th October, I was surprised to see so many people already there. It was an emotionally charged evening, the different grades and types of abuse became quite obvious within a short time into the talk.

I first began my talk by discussing my book and the different emotions it has evoked with people. The response was tremendous, so many people having similar emotions yet just needing to hear their feelings verbalised. It gave the audience a feeling of being understood, such a small thing yet to so many, a major part of their healing.

We also discussed mental health and how abuse victims are put into boxes and categorised. If you dont fit into mental health boxes, you are an oddity and they need to find a name for your pain, psychotic, multiple personality, dillusioned, self harmer, and many more, once in those boxes its easy to beleive that the diagnosis made is the correct diagnosis, there are some wonderful counsellors and psychiatrists that do really care, but unfortunatly, not enough of them, empathy and experiance of abuse in all its shapes and forms is really needed to begin the process of understanding how different the brain works when a person has suffered childhood trauma and the effects suffered by the victim.

At the talk, Gemma Ravenhill discussed how she was diagnosed as having a severe multiple personality disorder, psychotic tendencies, self harmer and a danger to the public. She spoke of her desperation to end her life as she could see no end to her torment and her terror in believing that she was to be forever in the mental health loop.

She then told of how, after two hours intensive counselling session with myself, she was able to go out in public, change her own perception of herself and had a growing belief that only she can change the way she feels, she has not heard voices in her head, had suicidal tendacies or psychotic episodes since that day, she has also never self harmed since and is now studying to be a counsellor at Southend college, is able to go anywhere and do anything feeling no fear of life, and actually feels she can help others understand brain pain, and how we indulge our negative.

She now feels positive almost every day, when negativity comes, she now has ways of turning that into positive thoughts. She should be immensly proud of herself, she had been under psychiatric care from the age of 15 to mid 20s, she has not been under a doctor or psychiatrist for over two years, and lives a happy and productive life.

Sarah Fox was another lady that came to me for help: two years ago she believed that the abuse of herself and the attempted abuse of her daughter by her step father had destroyed her family. She told me that she would never feel good or positive again and lived with guilt at what happened to her daughter, again.

Positive thought and discussing the situation with myself, another survivor, enabled her to see a way forward and she was able to help her whole family come to terms with the events that were out of their control, sarah is now, like gemma, helping others and both are admins on survivors united in survival on Facebook group.

Anything and everything that we have suffered either as children or adults can be overcome with our own though processes, many people bought my book at the library and came to me afterwards to thank us for the talk and many have contacted me since and are in the process of being helped to change the way they think, to change the way they feel.

I do hope that my book has helped others, and everyone feels free to contact me for help at any time, if we all support each other in any way we can, we can make a better world for ourselves and our children.

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