Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Firework pushed through letterbox

Halt Drive Linford
Crews were called to a house after a lighted firework was thrown through a letterbox. The fire was out when crews arrived at the scene, so they inspected the semi-detached property in Halt Drive Linford to make sure it was safe before leaving the scene at 20:06 hrs.
A joint Police and Fire Service investigation will be carried out since the incident was caused deliberately.

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  1. When does the Goverment realise when the dangers of these fireworks are able to get into the hands of idiots that someones gonna lose their life sooner or later! It is time for Licenced Displays ony! Get these explosives off the streets! Thugs are now putting them in wheely bins, because they are so educationally disfuctional, their brains are shut down! TIME TO ACT THURROCK COUNCIL AND ESSEX POLICE! DO YOUR JOB AND POLICE YOUR LAWS!


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